Crown of the Oathbreaker Booster Cards

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127 beautifully illustrated handouts

Hand out the illustrated magic item cards to your players when they obtain a new unique item, spell, or feat, and spare them the time otherwise wasted on taking long notes.

Use the monster and NPC portrait cards to show players with whom they are interacting. You will only have to flip them to see their stat blocks.

Each card has an illustration on one side and descriptive text with easy-to-use stat block on the other side.

The Crown of the Oathbreaker Booster Cards includes 127 unique cards in two decks and a container box: 

  • 20 NPCs
  • 35 Magic Items
  • 16 Spells
  • 13 Feats
  • 43 Factions

All cards are Play Duplex Offrato (Structured), 2.76” x 4.06” glossy, lacquered, 320 gsm stock cards. 

Your order comes with the digital version of all cards in PDF format.