Spell Wars Card Game

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A fast-paced party game inspired by the eight schools of magic from D&D. Simple rules, diverse outcomes, and entertaining gameplay!

Spell Wars is an intuitive, fast-paced strategy card game based on the eight schools of magic.

Spell Wars can be played by 2-4 players, with one game only taking a few minutes. Each player masters the eight schools of magic to defeat their opponents by dealing enough damage to reduce their Hit Points to 0. The deck comprises 64 cards, eight cards for each of the eight schools of magic found in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Each of the eight cards has two different effects that allow for an almost unlimited combination of strategic decisions and outcomes, and each of the 64 cards has a unique evocative illustration on it!

The rules are simple, but allow for exciting emergent gameplay. Each player starts the game with a number of Hit Points equal to the number of players, but a minimum of 3. A player who is reduced to 0 Hit Points is eliminated from the game.

At the start of the game, each player draws 6 cards from a shared draw pile. From then on, each player’s turn consists of the following phases:

  • Spellcasting Phase: Play up to 2 cards.
  • Monster Phase: Each summoned monster that the current player controls may attack and deal 1 Hit Point of damage to another player. A targeted player can choose to prevent 1 Hit Point damage from an attack by blocking it with a monster they control as a reaction. If they do, both monsters must then be placed in the discard pile. One monster can only be used to block 1 Hit Point damage by a single monster this way.
  • Draw Phase: Draw 2 cards.

Used and discarded cards—as well as the cards of eliminated playersare placed in the discard pile. Each player can look at the contents of the discard pile at any time during the game. Reshuffle the discard pile and use it as a new draw pile if the draw pile runs out of cards.

The last player who has Hit Points remaining wins the game.

The eight schools of magic each have their dedicated card, along with two effects that the players can choose:

  1. Abjuration:
    • Counterspell. Negate an opponent’s played card by forcing them to put it into the discard pile. The negated card has no effect. 
    • Shield. Prevent 1 Hit Point damage to any one player.
    • Note: You can play an Abjuration card as a reaction anytime a player plays a card or chooses to deal damage to you with a monster. Playing this card does not count towards the 2 cards per turn limit, neither during your turn nor on another player's turn.
  1. Conjuration: 
    • Summon Monster. This card becomes a monster under your control. Place it on the table in front of you.
    • Unsummon. Return a monster card from the table to the hand of the player who played it as a Conjuration card.
    • Note: When the Summon Monster action is used, the Conjuration card stays in front of the player who played it. This player controls the monster during the Monster Phase.
  1. Divination: 
    • Time Manipulation. Look at the top four cards of the draw pile and change their order.
    • Scrying. Look at the cards in an opponent’s hand.
  1. Enchantment: 
    • Dominate Monster. Steal a summoned monster from an opponent and place it under your control.
    • Steal Spell. Take a random card from an opponent’s hand and put it into your hand.
  1. Evocation: 
    • Disintegrate. Destroy a summoned monster. 
    • Fireball. Deal 1 Hit Point damage to all other players. 
  1. Illusion: 
    • Phantasmal Power. Play this card to recreate the effects of any other card type. 
    • Font of Dreams. Draw two cards from the draw pile. 
    • Note: You can only play an Illusion card as an Abjuration card during your own Spellcating Phase, and only if it is the second card you play during your turn. It counts towards your 2 cards per turn limit.
  1. Necromancy: 
    • Revitalize Memory. Put the top two cards from the discard pile into your hand. 
    • Revivify. Gain 1 Hit Point.
  1. Transmutation: 
    • Cripple Intellect. Force an opponent to discard two cards at random.
    • Transfuse. A player of your choice must discard up to three cards and draw the same number of cards plus an additional card from the draw pile.

Your purchase includes the following physical products:

  • Spell Ward Card Game (64 unique illustrated cards)
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Customer Reviews

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Extremely Fun

This game is super fun, and there were so many times during the several games that I played with my family that we were having fun just joking around and causing havoc.

Anthony Jay
Great Strategy!

I love this kind of game! You both play your cards at the same time and resolve the effects, meaning o one gets a direct advantage. The art is beautiful the material is high quality. High recommend!