Spellbreaker Crossbow

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Spellbreaker Crossbow
Weapon (heavy crossbow), rare (requires attunement)

King Waldrann is famous for mistrusting spellcasters. He has always feared their powers and been cautious when dealing with magic users. The Spellbreaker crossbow was gifted to King Waldrann by the neighboring tribe of Vordani barbarians who live high up in the mountains north of Aglarion. The savage tribes revere physical aptitude and despise magic, which they deem as a sin, and eradicate it where they can. The only form of magic their clan chieftains have accepted for centuries was that which could be used against spell casters. This mighty heavy crossbow was traded to them a century ago by sailors from afar, in exchange for protection of their inland caravan routes. Later, the weapon was given to King Waldrann as a reward for helping in defeating the doppeldrake Malzdreziret, otherwise known as the Scaled Impostor. The heavy crossbow deals tremendous pain to those who are able to cast spells or call forth innate magic in any form. The pain is so intensely nerve-racking that most casters immediately fail to concentrate on keeping up their spells.

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. In addition, while you are attuned to it, the bonus increases to +3 if you use it against a target that has the spellcasting trait. If you deal damage with the crossbow to a creature that is maintaining concentration on a spell, that creature makes its Constitution saving throw with disadvantage to maintain its spell. Additionally, the crossbow deals an additional 1d6 force damage to creatures with the spellcasting trait.

The Spellbreaker Crowssbow is a D&D 5e compatible original magic item from Crown of the Oathbreaker. 

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