Crown of the Oathbreaker Roll20 NPC Tokens

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Embark on an epic adventure with the Crown of the Oathbreaker Roll20 NPC Tokens!

This collection contains 200+ detailed tokens, each representing a unique and memorable character from the legendary campaign setting.

These hand-drawn tokens bring the NPCs of the Kingdom of Aglarion to life, giving your players a visual representation of the characters they'll encounter on their journey. From the cursed townsfolk to the powerful Feyrealm guardians, each token is designed to enhance your gaming experience and bring the world of Crown of the Oathbreaker to life.

Whether you're a DM looking to add depth to your NPC interactions, or a player looking for a more immersive role-playing experience with a token closer to how they picture their own character, the Crown of the Oathbreaker Roll20 NPC Tokens are the perfect addition to your game. And with the tokens based on the actual photos of members of the Elderbrain community, you can rest assured that each NPC is a true representation of the character they're portraying.

So why wait? Upgrade your Roll20 game today with the Crown of the Oathbreaker NPC Tokens, and immerse yourself in the dark fantasy sandbox adventure like never before!

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