Crown of the Oathbreaker Foundry Map Pack

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Colorful locations that inspire adventure!

This map pack includes 41 beautifully illustrated unique HD quality maps from the Crown of the Oathbreaker adventure and campaign setting. The pack contains a total of 97 DM and player version maps. They are a great addition to your homebrew setting or adventure.

City of Onadbyr
Onadbyr in the Shadowrealm
Onadbyr Undead Apocalypse
Kingdom of Aglarion
Bleak Mire
Lucky Leap Tavern
Royal Palace Dungeon
Royal Palace Ground Level
Royal Palace Second Level
Royal Palace Third Level
Old Grinder
Tomb of the Constructor
Emporium of Marvelous Rarities
Monster Menagerie
Crypts of House Monder
The Shadow Ziggurat
Dungeon of Tears
Eyrie of the Fabled
Fort Blackbell
Shrine of the Blind God
Nest of the Cackling Crows
Lodge of Wanderlust
Vaults of the Arcane Tower
Ziggurat of the New Moon
The Arcane Tower
The Last Kiss
Mirror Maze
Tipper’s Tree
Quellar Ausstyl
Demonbane Isle
Hall of the Sovereign
Bwael Phindar
Camp Perseverance
Darkstone Mines
Ronul’s End
Primary Drainage Cistern
Temple of Light and Darkness
Ziggurat of Dread

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