Crown of the Oathbreaker Foundry Magic Item Collection

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Boost your players and NPCs with these amazing items!

This magic item collection includes 46 new magic items from the Crown of the Oathbreaker adventure and campaign setting. They are a great addition to your homebrew setting or adventure.

Amulet of Find the Path
Amulet of Positive Energy
Azure Bridge Control Rod
Barbed Net of Entanglement
Blowgun of Pain
Bow of the Night
Branding Iron of the Hag Queens
Contingent Applicator
Chest of Magic Nullification
Cloak of Blinking
Cologne of Dispelling
Crown of Aglarion
Doppelganger Mask
Dust of Odorlessness
Falcon Blade
Feather of Detection
Gloves of the Satyr King
Hellish Sacrificial Dagger
Implement of Construct Control
Instant Trebuchet
Leash of the Beast Tamer
Lorgnettes of the Master Scribe
Manual of the Archmage
Master Key
Powder of True Form
Practice Mirror
Rapier of Smelting
Ring of Mental Stability
Ring of Shadow Manipulation
Ring of Prestidigitation
Robe of the Wardrobe
Seed of the Hagtree
Slime Slinger
Spellbreaker Crossbow
Spell Focus of the Shadowcaster
Spriggan Shield
Spyglass of Devilish Revealing
Table of Cornucopia
Tombstone Amulet
Torcs of the Tower
Unicorn Horn Cudgel
Wand of Fire Manipulation
Wand of the Mimic
Wand of the Sleeping Faerie
Whip of Tentacles
Zombie Mask