Crown of the Oathbreaker Bundle

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An adventure forged by our community!

Crown of the Oathbreaker is a 916-page D&D 5e adventure module and a campaign setting with player options. It features scores of new monsters, encounter maps, subclasses, feats, spells, and magic items. 

Introducing the Crown of the Oathbreaker Bundle! This comprehensive package includes everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the adventure and campaign setting of Crown of the Oathbreaker.

With this bundle, you'll receive the highly-anticipated Crown of the Oathbreaker hardcover book, filled with 916 pages of high-quality content and adventure. This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to explore the vast world of Crown of the Oathbreaker, including detailed descriptions of locations, factions, magic items, spells, feats, and much more.

But that's not all! This bundle also comes with the Crown of the Oathbreaker Booster Cards, featuring 127 beautifully illustrated cards in two decks, including NPCs, magic items, spells, feats, and factions. These cards provide a convenient way to keep track of your progress in the adventure and provide easy-to-use references for important information.

Additionally, the Crown of the Oathbreaker Dungeon Master Screen showcases art from the book to transport the players into the world of Aglarion and the treacherous dungeons and foes that dwell in the Kingdom. The back of the screen provides helpful tables and references for the Dungeon Master, including the effects of the Midnight Curse, and four separate 1d100 tables of random encounters on the different locations in the campaign setting. 

Furthermore, the Crown of the Oathbreaker Dice Set, is based on the dark fantasy adventure. These dice are a perfect fit for any dark fantasy game, and they could be the perfect present for that special warlock in your life. The set has 7 polyhedral dice in a bag of beauty.

So why wait? Get your hands on the Crown of the Oathbreaker Bundle today and experience the ultimate D&D adventure and campaign setting!

We suggest downloading the free Elderbrain Soundscapes app that contains over a dozen dynamically generated, non-repetitive background ambiances for many of the locations found in the adventure.

Chapter 1 of the adventure is available as a free download. Defeat the cultists at the Old Grinder, take part in the King's Games and the Battle of the Champions, and watch history unfold.

Your purchase includes the following physical products:

  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Hardcover Book 
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Booster Cards (127 unique illustrated cards)
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Dice Set and Bag
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker DM Screen  

Your purchase includes the following digital products:

  • Crown of the Oathbreaker PDF 
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Player Options PDF (Subclasses, Feats, Spells)
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Map Pack PDF and JPGs (All maps from the adventure)
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Kingdom of Aglarion Gazetteer PDF (A player's guide to the Kingdom of Aglarion)


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing item. 900 pages of awesomeness. Such a good book to draw inspiration from as well. A+ quality


Absolutely beautiful.

Steve K.
Crown of the Oathbreaker

Better than I had hoped. The artwork is fantastic, the story line is well written, defined and just awesome.
The characters are well thought out and have great backstories.
The adventure locations are thoroughly described, which is very helpful when running the adventure.
Maps are great.
Just a wonderful adventure overall and well worth every penny.
I plan of purchasing Torrents of the Spellhoarder very soon.

Leon K
Love it!!

After seeing an AD for it, I bought this a few weeks back and fell in love with the free sample chapter. After having time to sit down, read, and think about how this campaign will unfold, I give it a solid 5/5. The creators gave so much content to work with that it's friendly enough for a new DM/GM to buy and start a session or a more experienced DM/GM to buy this, add their own flare, and slide in their own quest lines around the core game! I have hinted that this world exists in my current game universe. My players are already level 3, so when they hit 5 a mysterious man will be traveling by, and they will be informed of vast wealth and chances of glory to be found inside the city. I can't wait to see this game fully unfold with my party!

Carlos Ramos
Absolutely amazing

My players are pumped to jump headfirst into this game thank you everything looks amazing


Amazing Adventure
I have been playing D&D for over 20 years. That just means I love this game. I have played hundreds of premade games. Crown of the Oathbreaker is in my top 3. It is one of the best written source books I have ever come across. The folks at Elderbrain did a great job of giving us fantastic lore, great locations, a rich mix of NPCs, and some great plots along with a decent sandbox environment. I am in the process of deciding if I want to jump out of the Forgotten Realms for ever and fully invest in the world where the Kingdom of Aglarion resides. The fact that I am contemplating that is a huge complement to Elderbrain. I am preparing to take my players through this and we are all excited. We will be starting at level 1 and working our way up . It's going to be a great ride.

Christopher Komperda
Fantastic Read

I did receive the bundle. I've just cracked open the book and it's honestly great. I'm gonna take my time reading it before I start a campaign with my group. I can't wait to start playing. Thank you very much for your hard work creating this Masterpiece.


Haven't read through it all yet, but the quality is fantastic. Both cards and book. The story so far is great. Lots of new options offered. Can't go wrong with this bundle!!!

Eric J
Definitely Worth It

This is way more content than I was expecting. I can't wait to dive in and start running the campaign. 10/10

Stephen Smith
Awesome story but map pack isn’t awesome

Incredibly thorough adventure and I love the story and new classes. However… the map pack is a challenge. If you’re playing with a virtual table top it is probably fine but I’m finding that I have to send the pdf to be printed or I have to hand draw them on a battle map. For the price it just seems it could have been another book for it.