Elderbrain Soundscapes

Boost your table-top role-playing experience with wonderful background ambiences to make your gaming sessions more immersive. These ambiences make your players feel right where you want them to be.

Each soundscape is composed of several dozen beautiful, location specific sounds, which blend to create a unique, constantly changing atmospheric background. These sound play at random times, volume, length, distance, reverb, and velocity to create an infinitely unique ambience with no repetitions. Timed events control the flow of each soundscape to bring changes in weather, day/night time and such conditions to life and to make these ambiences even more colorful. All of our soundscapes are 5.1 surround sounds.

We create soundscapes specificly for our adventure modules but they can be used in any setting. New updates with more free soundscapes will be continuously released for our past and future adventure modules.

The current version of the app includes these soundscapes:

The Bleak Mire
City of Onadbyr
King's Games
Cursed Land
Undead City

Join our Kickstarter campaign for the Crown Of The Oathbreaker adventure module and help us create a soundscape for each significant location in the adventure.

We would love to have a soundscape for each significant location, so we have added some more into the stretch goals.

Undead Army (included in stretch goal #1)
Gibbering Fort (included in stretch goal #2)
Battle of the Champions (included in stretch goal #5)
Shadow Requiem (included in stretch goal #7)
Monster Menagerie (included in stretch goal #14)
Feast of the Satyr King (included in stretch goal #19)

Thank you for considering backing the Crown Of The Oathbreaker campaign!

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Click any of the soudscapes in the app below to play them. Changing tabs will stop the playback.