Year of Rogue Dragons Bundle

Year of Rogue Dragons Bundle
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It's time to act like a real dragon!

Unleash your breath weapon, fight with claw and fang in this 5th edition D&D Forgotten Realms adventure for evil dragon characters!

Year Of Rogue Dragons is set in 1373 DR during the Dracorage. It's designed for four players who take the roles of newly hatched evil chromatic dragons. The story will introduce a specific section of the Forgotten Realms along with its prominent individuals, organizations and a segment of its history. The adventure will draw the players into a conflict between three local factions, and a mystery, which they must solve and use to their advantage in order to eliminate every menace that threatens their life from the onset.

The 99-page module features 9 full-color dungeon maps, a complete map of Thar and the Northern Moonsea region, over a dozen full-page color illustrations and 21 unique NPC and monster stat blocks including old favorites like:

- the Zhentarim Skymage

- the Dragonflesh Golem

- and the Wearer Of Purple and their Initiate Cult Wizards.

Chapter 1. introduces the players to the setting and the life of wyrmling dragons while experiencing the ongoing Dracorage. This chapter aims to introduce the life of dragons, the surrounding lands, and creatures inhabiting Thar through some seemingly random encounters. 

Chapter 2. has three subsections in which the motives and goals of each faction will be revealed as they each present three different quests to the players, which they might take, refuse, or use against them. Getting involved with these factions also lets the players collect every piece of information needed to lead them to a solution that rids them of their enemies, all in one single daring and grandiose final event.

Chapter 3. is the climax of the adventure where the players recover the key element that can save them from multiple threats. They will have several options to use it, depending on which factions they made their enemies and whom they want to eliminate.

Year Of Rogue Dragons was recommended by Richard Lee Byers, author of the original Year Of Rogue Dragons novel trilogy. Thank you Mr. Byers! 

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