Crown of the Oathbreaker Hardcover

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An adventure forged by our community!

Crown of the Oathbreaker is a 916-page D&D 5e adventure module and a campaign setting with player options. It features scores of new monsters, encounter maps, subclasses, feats, spells, and magic items. 

The dark fantasy sandbox adventure incorporates over 40 dungeon maps and three regional maps with over 100 locations on each, taking characters from 1st to 15th level through a cursed kingdom to the Feyrealm. 


The book is based on the feedback of over 2000 D&D fans whose votes on their preferences gave the backbone of the adventure and the campaign setting. The community influenced the fine details of the story and the setting through Elderbrain’s Discord server. Crown of the Oathbreaker also includes over 200 NPCs, their locations, and portraits based on the actual photos of members of the Elderbrain community.  

The story is set in the Kingdom of Aglarion, where the characters will uncover dark secrets from the past of a royal family after the fall of a blessed era and break a curse that plagues the kingdom.

The players will have to explore lands ravaged by the curse and travel to the Feyrealm, the Shadowrealm, and even Hell, where they will face hard moral dilemmas before saving the crown from the dreadful effects of an otherwise inevitable pact. A sinister bargain has caused suffering for the people of the land and has created a mad witch-knight hungering for revenge.

We suggest downloading the free Elderbrain Soundscapes app that contains over a dozen dynamically generated, non-repetitive background ambiances for many of the locations found in the adventure.

Chapter 1 of the adventure is available as a free download. Defeat the cultists at the Old Grinder, take part in the King's Games and the Battle of the Champions, and watch history unfold.

Your purchase includes the following physical products:

  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Hardcover Book 

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  • Crown of the Oathbreaker PDF 
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Player Options PDF (Subclasses, Feats, Spells)
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Map Pack PDF and JPGs (All maps from the adventure)
  • Crown of the Oathbreaker Kingdom of Aglarion Gazetteer PDF (A player's guide to the Kingdom of Aglarion) 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Micah Getter
Crown of the Oathbreaker 916-page Adventure Module and Campaign Setting with Player Options.

I have been playing D&D for over 30 years now, and this is the best D&D 5e campaign adventure book with all of the extras that come with it. The first night I had it in my hands, I could not put it down. I was up for hours reading it from page 1. The storyline alone is worth the price for this outstanding novel. The features of every twist and turn has me longing to read more every night. The immense detail and back story I have in my DM arsenal will be an absolute treat to provide (or not) to my friends and family. The ease of drop and play of the maps for this adventure are first-rate. I wish I could've afforded this months ago. Thank you very much for this adventure. I cannot wait to DM it with everyone I know. I hope to see more like it in the future from this team.

Donald Smetak
Oathbreaker is better than advertised

The details of the NPC's is great. The adventures are detailed so good it takes time away from planning as a DM and more time for gaming. My group is excited to try it out.

Amazing Adventure

I have been playing D&D for over 20 years. That just means I love this game. I have played hundreds of premade games. Crown of the Oathbreaker is in my top 3.

It is one of the best written source books I have ever come across. The folks at Elderbrain did a great job of giving us fantastic lore, great locations, a rich mix of NPCs, and some great plots along with a decent sandbox environment.

I am in the process of deciding if I want to jump out of the Forgotten Realms for ever and fully invest in the world where the Kingdom of Aglarion resides. The fact that I am contemplating that is a huge complement to Elderbrain.

I am preparing to take my players through this and we are all excited. We will be starting at level 1 and working our way up . It's going to be a great ride.

Richard Durivage

When I received this book I was amazed at the amount of content and detail contained inside. This is the perfect addition to any campaign. The story-line keeps you wanting more. Lots of amazing content and I highly recommend it to any Dungeon Master looking for a great addition to their collection of books.

Dale Renner
Wonderful Campaign - played for 6 months and can't wait for every session.

This campaign is wonderful. Played properly, this setting is rich and inviting to all kinds of players. The NPCs are lovable, developed and clearly motivated. A common complaint or worry I hear online is that it could be a "hodgepodge of tropes in DND cobbled together"... This is absolutely NOT the case. COTO has a really awesome story outline, and its' super fun to play. The locations are vague enough to be flexible, yet established enough to provide guidance. What's more, the Discord group is super active and friendly. The admins are super active and they always engage with players, help explain the story, etc. Speaking of, don't be intimidated by the sheer volume of this 900+ page adventure. COTO is broken down into manageable chunks, and it truly flows more like two or three adventures that flow nicely into one another. There is so much breathing room to slowly make your way through the story at a pace that is comfortable for your group and DM without being overwhelmed. Also, a perk that doesn't get talked about enough - having the PDF version available which allows you to CTRL-F quickly in the book is a giant perk. When developing an NPC< you know what they are connected to quickly, which is super useful. The maps are works of art, and it truly is a breath of fresh air to see npc pictures that do not appear to be cardboard cut outs (they are real people modeled into npcs, and they feel so real).

Dirk Arnold



Love it. Lots and lots of ideas


I’ll say 5 star from PDF have not opened physical at this time

Andrew Randall

Awesome book. Loved some of the subclasses and think the campaign will be fun in future sessions

Professionally done

I was in awe of the amount of information and how professionally this book was put together. It is honestly around the same thickness of the DM guide, Players Handbook and M9nster Manual put together. Beautifully illustrated by talented artists. I am looking forward to running many campaigns through this book.