Metal Best Seller Platinum
After playing RPGs for over 30 years, we have published our first adventure module "Year of Rogue Dragons", which quickly became a platinum seller on
We created a free mobile app to boost your RPG sessions! We hope to expand the Elderbrain Soundscapes app’s current selection of 5 sounds with a successful Kickstarter campaign.
We want to enhance the game play experience with this beautifully illustrated deck of up to 113 item, monster, feat, spell and NPC booster cards.
Night Hag
A community driven project based on an ellaborate survey with over 2000 responses from dedicated RPG fans from all around the world.
Team Member #1
Geek 6/Game Dev 4/Manager 6
Team Member #2
Geek 6/Historian 4/Manager 6
Team Member #3
Geek 6/Corp. Executive 13
Team Member #4
Geek 8/Legendary Creature